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Digital Day 2021

March 11, 2021 and March 18, 2021



Digital Marketing Day 2021 is in it’s 5th year now. This unique event is educational in nature, and brings the most relevant speakers from across Canada and the U.S. to share their experience, knowledge and best practices in the digital advertising industry with Manitoba agency and in-house marketers.

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PROGRAM SCHEDULE - MARCH 11 and MARCH 18 - Mornings each day

MARCH 11th, 2021

SESSION 1 - 9:00-10:00 AM

Influencer Marketing: Who, What and Why.
Hear from local influencers and brands on how they are harnessing social media to build and sell brands.

Since 2016, the fastest growing media segment is ‘Influencer Marketing.” AdAge says that in North America, just this year alone, over $12 billion will be spent by brands on influencer marketing.

Is it part of your current media mix or are you considering it? Hear from a local panel of Winnipeg based marketers that use influencers, and marketers that are influencers.

Learn how in today’s digital world, influencers have moved beyond celebrity endorsements, and now brands are looking for social content creators that can connect them with niche audiences to deliver value for their brand.

Is influencer marketing new, or is it just taking the age-old power of word of mouth and transforming its context into the social and digital sphere. Discuss this and more with our panel featuring:



Susie Erjavec Parker - Bio
Sparker Strategy Group




Panel Members:


Jillian Recksiedler - Bio
Senior Content Specialist
Travel Manitoba





Cassidy Coutts - Bio
Founder, Brains and Bronzed
Marketing Specialist, Mondetta Clothing Inc.






Natalie Bell - Bio
CEO - Creative Energetic Original



SESSION 2 - 10:15-11:15 AM

How to bring new products and services successfully to market with minimal risk
David Gratton, Partner, Work at Play

David Gratton will provide the playbook for successfully bringing new products and services into today’s marketplace. He will present practical tools to help you assess your company’s present ability to deliver new products and services to market. You will be able to use these tools to understand the gaps you have, and what you will need to do to fill them. He will share 4 criteria to quickly assess if your new product or service is market validated, ready for development and funding.

Q&A on presentation topics as well as:
• Dealing with tech overload. Like VR, AI, FinTech, Blockchain, PropTech. AKA...  #DigitalTransformation
• Proof of Concept, MVP, prototype, test product/service, beta, What do these mean? When should each be used?
• How to make quality a core competency in your company.
• How to assess your customer's willingness to pay. This is the definition of product/service market fit.


DAVID GRATTON has been bringing products to life for leading companies for over 30 years.  He leads Work at Play as one of Canada’s premier software consultancy and development studios. He co-founded Appnovation, Canada’s largest independent open source software studio.

He founded the BC Tech Cube, Canada’s first VR/AR technology incubator. He developed and licensed music distribution technologies to MTV and Warner Brothers. David developed Velocity, a micro-payments system used by some of the largest game companies in the world, and built Canada’s first micro-investment platform in real estate. Most recently he founded DEQQ Apparel Inc. merging NFC and blockchain to guarantee product authenticity and provenance.

He has been a consultant to: Microsoft, EA, Ford Motor Co., Mattel, Arc’teryx, Apple, NBC, Knowledge Network, Vancouver Canucks, Rennie, Gameforge, and Corus Entertainment, Government of Canada, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

SESSION 3 - 11:30 AM-12:15 PM

Marketing in the new “norm”
COVID-19’s impact on marketing and the Winnipeg market

It’s been a year since COVID-19 made its way to Winnipeg, individuals and businesses alike are still struggling to navigate and adapt to the changing environment. While uncertainty rules the day, it’s especially difficult for businesses to pivot the use of their already-limited marketing resources.

In this webinar, learn how 6P shares their experience in helping their clients overcome the marketing challenges COVID-19 presents. Using market data and examples of recent COVID-19 marketing initiatives, 6P will present thought-provoking information and insight into these key questions:

• How has the pandemic altered the public’s reception of marketing messages?
• Is this the right time for businesses to invest limited marketing and advertising budget?
• How can one’s marketing efforts during the pandemic affect their business’ overall success after the pandemic?
• What can your businesses do to maximize the results of your marketing and advertising efforts?

About 6P Marketing:
6P Marketing is a collaborative marketing agency that helps businesses create more passionate consumers and brand connections for better short- and long-term business results. With a team of 35, including strategists, media managers, creative designers and web-developers, 6P delivers comprehensive and integrated marketing solutions to organizations and brand leaders in Manitoba and all over Canada.



Paul Provost is the founder and president of 6P Marketing. Paul has 20 years’ experience with business/not-for-profit marketing initiatives. He has spent the last 17 years in leadership positions with progressive advertising agencies in Alberta and Manitoba. He founded 6P Marketing in 2007.





Farimehr Hakemzadeh is 6P’s Senior Brand Strategist. She holds two Masters degrees in International Business and Marketing Management, with experience working in Europe, the Middle East, and India before moving to Canada. Farimehr’s extensive, diverse experience helps her to create meaningful, impactful strategies to help companies overcome the issues behind branding and communications, using market research.



MARCH 18, 2021

SESSION 1 - 9:00-10:00 AM

A look at the role digital plays in media mix and the importance of thinking beyond clicks.
Zac Goodman, Partner, DSA Media

Zac will discuss how we approach digital as part of an overall advertising strategy from a media planning perspective and in contrast to traditional mediums. From there, he’ll talk about how we measure digital and detail why some of our most common KPIs aren’t as meaningful as we may think, providing tips along the way to better optimize and measure campaigns while avoiding common pitfalls.


Zac is an agency partner and leads digital strategy at DSA Media located in Vancouver. He brings over 18 years of advertising experience and has been fortunate enough to work with some of the largest brands in Canada. Zac’s career experience includes web development and graphic design, but he specializes in media strategy and has taught digital marketing courses and workshops. He’s passionate about brand safety, transparency and modern measurement, and takes pride in shining a light at some of the darker corners of our industry.






SESSION 2 - 10:15-11:15 AM

Know Your Customer, or You’ll Have No Customers
Tim Kist, TK3 Consulting

The purpose of any business is to find and keep customers by offering something of value for them. To achieve this purpose, you need to KNOW your customer. Or you will have NO customer.

Sounds simple. You think you have the basics of knowing your customer from tools like your CRM. While this is a good start, it is only one data point and there is so much more you can learn. One area that many companies often overlook is knowing how your customer uses your product or service. This is not how you think they use it, it is how they actually use it.

In this session, we will look at tools to help you create a better profile of your customers and learn how they really use your product or service to solve a problem or reach for an opportunity for their business situation.


Tim Kist, FCMC, is a Certified Management Consultant and a Fellow of the Institute of Certified Management Consultants of Manitoba. Tim’s career spanned over 20 years in senior sales and marketing roles (he has walked in your shoes), eight years with major consulting firms, and he has been the Managing Director of TK3 Consulting for the past 8 years. His focus on the customer, within the disciplines of marketing and strategy, has helped clients in various sectors achieve their growth goals.






SESSION 3 - 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM

The Journey of Building a Cannabis Brand
Sherry Feng, Global Head of Flower, Value and Mainstream

Sherry will take you on the journey of building a Canadian cannabis brand long before the industry was even legalized. Tokyo Smoke was founded in 2015. We opened the first brand store in Toronto, which quickly became a community hub where frank and open conversations about cannabis were possible. In 2017, we expanded our presence to Calgary and won Best Brand at the Canadian Cannabis Awards. We were proudly one of only four original retailers granted licenses to operate cannabis retail storefronts in Manitoba, and our footprint today continues to spread nationwide. What started as a tiny Tokyo Smoke storefront now stands to change cannabis culture in a big way. Sherry will share some of the joys and challenges of working in one of the newest and most exciting industries in Canada.


Sherry is the Global Head of Flower for the Value & Mainstream categories at Canopy Growth. Her previous role at Canopy was Brand Director, leading a variety of national brands including Tweed and Tokyo Smoke. Prior to joining Canopy, Sherry led all medical and recreational marketing at another cannabis licensed producer, where she developed, created, and launched their portfolio of brands. Sherry also spent years at Labatt Breweries working on some of the largest beer brands in the world.





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Venue: Via ZOOM Webinar
Location: ZOOM Webinar
City: Winnipeg
Date: March 11, 2021 and March 18, 2021
Time: 9:00-12:00
Cost: See details.

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